TODAY in Glasgow – Day FOUR

It’s semi-finals day at Scotstoun, with the top two seeds in both events winning through to the Gold Medal matches …

Women’s semi-finals:

[1] Nicol David (MAS) 3-0 [3] Joelle King (NZL)  11-6, 11-8, 11-5 (39m)
[2] Laura Massaro
(ENG) 3-1 [4] Alison Waters (ENG)  11-5, 12-14, 11-3, 11-8 (65m)

Men’s semi-finals:

 [1] Nick Matthew (ENG) 3-0 [3] Peter Barker (ENG) 11-3, 13-11, 11-6 (63m)
[2] James Willstrop (ENG) 3-0 [4] Saurav Ghosal (IND)  11-8, 11-8, 11-5 (49m)

14CG15485Willstrop 3-0 Ghosal

The final match of the day provided great entertainment for the packed crowd as James Willstrop set up a repeat of the 2010 final as he beat Saurav Ghosal in three games.

The Englishman always had the edge on the scoreboard, despite Ghosal’s considerable efforts.

James Willstrop: “To be honest, I’ve been through a very difficult few weeks. There were a couple of days when there was no way I was going to play this event, the fact that I’ve got this far is a serious achievement, I’m very proud to be in the final.

“Nick  and I have both been in a bit of a mess – he couldn’t walk and I was unsure of my future. However, now I’m playing well and in good shape. There’s no reason why I can’t produce a performance to win tomorrow.”

14CG15211Massaro 3-1 Waters

After the first four points were shared, Massaro pulled away to lead 5-3, extened to 8-3, and taking the game 11-5.

The pattern was resumed from the start of the second as Massaro went 6-1 up with Waters unable to get a foothold. Out of the blue Waters started to play her best squash, closing to 5-6. Form then on it was a real contest, never more than a point between them and the video ref in frequent use, with Waters eventually levelling 14-12 on a stroke.

Massaro was back in charge from the outset of the third though, agains going 6-1 up but this time pushing through to regain the lead 11-3. The fourth was a similar story, 6-1 for Massaro, and although Waters staged a late recovery, it was too late as Massaro closed it out 11-8 on her third match ball.

Laura Massaro: “I feel great! That was a feisty encounter – we’ve not played for a while. We’re both athletes at the top of our game and it was a match for a gold medal – everybody wants to win it.

“She was getting frustrated. I wasn’t happy getting pushed and I knew she wasn’t happy. For the majority of the match I was happy with the way I played – I didn’t feel it was physically hard.

“I don’t think there will be pressure on either of us tomorrow. Nicol knows I’m capable of beating her – we both know the score!”

Matthew 3-0 Barker14CG13541

The match started with a two-minute rally ending in a let. Matthew, dominating the centre of the court, opened out to a 5-1 lead, and from 5-3 took six in a row to take the lead.

Barker settled into the second, some tough rallies as they reached 3-all. Barker forged ahead to lead 7-4, Matthew levelled at 7-all, more tough rallies for 8-all, 9-all, 10-all, 11-all. Matthew was awarded a stroke for 12-11, upheld on video appeal to Barker’s disgust, then Matthew’s no let was overturned, not helping Barker’s mood who returned the next serve into the tin to end the 31-minute game 13-11.

That seemed to take the wind out of Barker’s sails, and a few errors helped Matthew to a 7-2 lead in the third. Barker rallied, taking three in a row to reduce the deficit, but it was too late as Matthew closed it out 11-6 with two strokes and two Barker errors.

14CG13754Nick Matthew: ““I couldn’t have wished for any more, to be honest.  A few weeks ago I would have signed a million pieces of paper for that, I need to enjoy it and then really refocus ahead of the final.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would feel as good as I do with the knee – but I can’t get carried away. “Pete made me work incredibly hard today. “I was in a hospital bed five weeks ago – how can I be favourite?”

“If it is James I play in the final, then I hope it will be good for squash – and hopefully lots of people will sit up and take notice.”

 Peter Barker: “I wasn’t good enough and he was too good, he didn’t let me play how I wanted to play.  I tested him as much as I could.  But he is the world champion.

“I attacked a little bit more in the second game, but it didn’t go my way.  I needed that second game really.”

“A couple of decisions didn’t go my way and sometimes things like that can cost you a game. “Nick has been a friend for many years and I probably wouldn’t be here without his help over the years, he has been a good guidance.

“All credit to him because he had surgery five weeks ago and he is playing at a level of quality like that. You obviously come for a medal and I will have no problems picking myself back up.  It is an honour to have any medal at the Commonwealth Games and I will be fired up for it.”

14CG13109David 3-0 King

After taking a quick 3-0 lead David maintained the advantage to take the first 11-6. King came out firing in the second though, taking a 4-0 lead. David fought back  to level at 5-all and pressed on to lead 10-6, taking it 11-8 on a King error.

King again started well in the third, leading 3-1, but David struck back again to lead 7-3, and with King unable to get the defending champion off the ‘T’, david closed out the match 11-5.

14CG12902Nicol David: “I really played well today – but Joelle was really on form.  When you see her on that form, you really have to break it up.  I had to really fight hard. It’s such a great crowd – I just want to get back on that court for the final.  I can’t wait!

“Winning the gold would be the highlight of the year for me – you wait for four years to get this moment.”

 Joelle King: “That was horrible.  Nicol really didn’t give me much opportunity.

I’m really disappointed.  All week, I’ve prided myself on not making too many errors – but I guess when you’re playing someone like Nicol, who retrieves so well and comes back at you, it puts that pressure on. I am disappointed that it was in three.”

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