2018 Gold Coast

Date Events Match Times
Sat 5th Apr
Sun 6th Apr
Mon 7th Apr
Tue 8th Apr
Wed 9th Apr
Thu 10th Apr
Fri 11th Apr
Sat 12th Apr
Sun 13th Apr
Mon 14th Apr
Tue 15th Apr

2014 Glasgow

Date Events Match Times
Thu 24th Day ONE Rounds One/Two/Three 11.00 – 20.00
Fri 25th Day TWO Last Sixteens 12.30 – 20.15
Sat 26th Day THREE Quarter-Finals 12.30 – 19.30
Sun 27th Day FOUR Semi-Finals 13.00 – 19.45
Mon 28th Day FIVE Singles Bronze and Finals 12.00-15.45
Tue 29th Day SIX Doubles Pools 11.30-20.00
Wed 30th Day SEVEN Doubles Pools 11.30-20.00
Thu 31st Day EIGHT Doubles Last 16 and Quarters 11.30-20.45
Fri 1st Day NINE Doubles Quarters & Semis 13.00-20.30
Sat 2nd Day TEN Doubles Semis & Finals 12.15-15.45
Sun 3rd Day ELEVEN Doubles Finals 11.30-17.00