CGF welcomes Squash Athletes to GC2018

Coaches and athletes representing the 28 Squash nations competing in the 2018 Commonwealth Games were welcomed this afternoon on behalf of the Commonwealth Games Federation by Miriam Moyo, Regional Vice-President, Africa.

Presiding over the pre-event Managers’ meeting, hosted by WSF CEO Andrew Shelley and GC2018 Squash Manager Kay Kendall, Ms Moya said how grateful the CGF are to the Government of Australia for hosting the Games.


“I fondly remember all the lobbying that took place eight years leading up to the decision that Gold Coast would host the 2018 Games,” said Moya.  “I can’t believe that the day of the Opening Ceremony has finally arrived!”

She thanked the nations represented for participating in the Games.  “The most important element of the Games is the athletes and I thank you for being here in the Gold Coast.”

Moya also revealed that, for the first time ever, there will be a 50/50 share of the medals between men and women.

Pictured after the Managers’ meeting: (L to R) Andrew Shelley; Sani Ndanusi, CGF Sports Committee Member; Miriam Moyo; and Kay Kendall